Month: April 2018

Meditation: The Medication You’ve Been Missing

While life is busy happening, unfolding all around you in rapid succession, I know all too well that it can start to feel like your recovery is at a standstill. Somedays, your progress won’t be so evident. It begins to get frustrating that while the world around you is flying by, you feel stagnant in

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Life Happens!

While I had a clear vision for my next few posts, life happened, like it always does when you think you have a straight path forward. Although in this world of sobriety, the detours of life can sometimes seem overwhelming. Often you will hear (not just addicts saying) “I tried to make time for that,

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Love Yourself, It’s Crucial

If you are anything like me, the hardest part about being an addict in recovery means, there is no “quick fix” to the situation. After all, that’s what I’d been chasing all those years of addiction; trying to band-aid the real issues with the quick fix of a bottle and a blackout. Well, that’s no

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