Recovery Isn’t Simple

Recovery isn't easy! Simple as that! Right?


No part of sobriety is easy, and i won't sugar coat it for anyone. However, once you manage to get over that initial speed bump of shock and overwhelm, it can get easier.

I know because I am approaching my first year clean, this week . Let me tell you it has been far from simple, but it is, hands down, the most rewarding year of my life.

Ever hear the phrase, "you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink."? Along those same terms, whatever your reason for quitting, YOU have to be in this fight as much as anyone else.

And it will be a fight.

Though my reason for quitting was a definitive, ' your liver has already failed; if you drink, you will die' it still didn't make it simple. I knew i had to quit.

So I geared up for battle, and I did the work. After a year of trial and error, finding what works for me and I'm sharing some insights on my ventures though alcohol addiction and recovery.

If you are ready and willing, this blog will offer ideas, insights, positive affirmations, to aid you as we navigate this sober world, together.

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