Essential Oils: Are They Essential To Your Recovery?

For as long as people have been able to eat and comprehend plant life as it affects the human body, it's been a very real concept that plants have natural healing properties. Now, somewhere along the line, probably around the invention of penicillin (I would guess) people decided that chemicals can be more effective treatment than holistics.

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Which has benefited the human race from countless plagues that would have decimated population numbers, however, why did that mean natural remedies took the back burner?

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Well like most good things we tend to let go, holistic healing came back, and boy-oh-boy has "all-natural" made it's return to the spotlight. Believe it or not, there are mood boosters, salves and otherwise all-natural remedies for the common day ailments that we all face.

I'm talking about the:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • depression
  • headaches
  • allergies
  • beestings

You name it, there is a natural cure-all for it. Ok, perhaps not diseases, but common ailments for sure.


For the benefits of your recovery, I'm talking specifically about Essential Oils (EO).

With all the hubbub about Essential Oils, it's no doubt that you have heard about or know someone who swears by them; that person could even be you.

Whether you have dabbled in them or are well versed in the benefits of these natural oils, I bet you have no idea how they can help you through your recovery process.

Oh, and let me tell you there is an oil for everything.

  • anxiety
  • restless nights
  • aches and pains
  • focus
  • motivation

(They even make oils for testosterone, when I say there is an oil for everyone, I believe that!)

Let's start with the fact that they are natural mood boosters and most often, entirely plant-based. The term essential oil doesn't refer to the loyalty most people have toward their preferred oils.

When you derive the odor, extract or other oils from a plant, it is considered the 'essence' of that plant. Although that in itself appeals to most people in recovery as there are no substances added, there is a far better reason to use these in recovery.

There are a few different ways to use and apply these oils and some of them include

  • ingestion (in small doses)
  • diluted (often in a footbath)
  • aromatically (defusers are generally the most popular)

However you like to use it, is really up to you; whatever fits your schedule and suits you best.

Interesting enough, scientists have determined that scent is the strongest of your five senses that link to memory.

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You know what I'm talking about, you are walking around on the street and an elderly couple walk by bathed in some sort of musk they stopped making in the 1920s. The smell sends you through a wormhole of time and all of a sudden you are on your grandpa's back porch picking fresh fruit off the tree, and the smell of your grandfather's cologne floods your memory.

Well, if scent can do all that, why can't we use this tidbit of knowledge, and what we know to be true about plants (lavender, for example, is proven to help you rest), and combine them for a seemingly foolproof plan to get through this recovery with better habit than we started.

(keep in mind this is a blog, not a medical journal, therefore all theories are still hypotheticals when pertaining to recovery.)


So, because I have only got a few to start I have started with my Motivate and my Wild Orange, and I use them symbiotically. When I inhale the motivation I quickly follow it with the Wild Orange scent.

Both make me happy, both make me feel like I have a renewed sense of energy, and my hopes are, that EVENTUALLY, the smell of oranges will trigger happy, positive thoughts and emotions inside me.

Brain training!

You can even do this yourself, with your own oils no matter how much you love them.  Document your experience on Instagram with this hashtag > #recoverwithessentialoils <

There are enough stupid challenges out there that they make warning labels for, so use your oils in small amounts especially until you know how your body reacts to them.

Let's do this together! Fill me in on your own #recoverwithessentialoils story, and don't be discouraged if you don't see many posts, I am creating this hashtag JUST for us and I can't wait to hear your experience.

(For the shy ones, I've already posted mine with that ^^^ hashtag to get you started)

Whether you are already an avid EO efficient, or you are just testing the essential oil waters, I want to hear what your thoughts and feedback are. Yeah, this is a blog about recovery, but one thing about recovery that works for everyone; sharing.

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So I invite you to join me in this experiment with essential oils, don't forget to tag #recoverwithessentialoils and tag me @life.on.the.sober.side because I can't wait to hear your feedback!

Let's have a little fun experimenting with this new #lifeonthesoberside


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