Refreshments, Anyone?

Well, here we are approaching another summer holiday and for some of you, I know it's officially crunch time. Summer parties send up triggers and temptation like landmines, and it seems impossible to walk through a minefield and never catch some shrapnel.


Even the word feels haughty to say! Why is EVERYTHING so interwoven into alcoholism?

At any rate, in my personal opinion, I feel like I am setting myself up for failure. Cocktails are specifically crafted alcoholic beverages, and we have all tried and tested ones we like, some we love and some leave us with stories that involve court fines and a wrap sheet.

Whatever cocktails you enjoyed, it seems like a VERY thin line to walk between a drink that tastes exactly like those cocktails, just missing the main ingredient. I see no point in walking that line, but if you want to sip your fake pina coladas in lament, be my guest.

Really, it's not that hard to find summer coolers that you can keep in the fridge in full reach of the children; but I'll be honest, you will still probably want to keep them hidden because they really are delicious!

Refreshments, anyone?

Slow-Melt Palmer

lemon iced tea with lemon fruits

This is a somewhat new take on an old classic, and that's not a knock on one of the greatest golf legends of all time. The late Arnold Palmer became famous for ordering his favorite 50-50 lemonade/ice tea at a golf course in Denver when a woman overheard his order and said, "I'll have that Palmer drink,". Since then it's become a staple for Iced Tea and Lemonade drinkers alike.

Put this fun spin on your own by first, freezing your lemonade in an ice cube tray. When you are ready, pop a few of your lemonade cubes into a glass, fill with iced tea, and enjoy.

For an extra special twist, you can add raspberries to your ice cube tray before adding lemonade, giving you nice fruit bites throughout your refreshing Slow Melt Palmer. I first found this wonderful slow melt drink idea -->here<-- where she offers the full recipe with pictures.

AZ Sunset

I found this recipe from a new Arizona resident and really, I wish I would have thought of it myself being born and raised here. (read more of her blog here) Named for the beautiful orange and red color, you need four simple ingredients for this beverage. You need:

blur breakfast close up cocktail

  • Orange Juice
  • Sprite
  • Grenadine
  • Ice

In a separate pitcher mix equal parts OJ and Sprite together. In your serving glass(s) first, add your ice cubes, followed by a splash of grenadine for color. Then pour your OJ/Sprite mixture into your glass until full. People eat with their eyes first and this drink is so beautiful, everyone at the party will want one even without alcohol.

Pink Lemon-Limeade


This is my all time, personal favorite summer drink hands down! You really only need three things for this one, mainly of which, Pink Lemonade. Really, it's Pink Lemonade with a twist. That twist being a splash of Sierra Mist, and a slice or two of fresh lime.

Simple as that.

This drink tastes like all the best things about summer are supposed to feel; light, refreshing, crisp and fresh. Really, you can even get a Cherry Limeade at Sonic, it's basically the same thing, these things are delicious and I wouldn't be surprised if you adopt it and alter it to your own tastes.

Like I said before, I chose to provide these drinks as suggestions for the fact that they aren't supposed to remind you of alcoholic beverages you have had in the past. Pinterest and Google are wonderful at helping you find some more suitable to your liking.

I know some of you might be thinking, "Well, if everyone else is having a Bloody Mary, I can just have one without alcohol." But to some extent that is putting your needs behind those around you, and you still have to make yourself a priority. Really, everyone else is making sure they have their preferred party refreshments, so don't feel like you are stepping on anyone's toes because your's don't involve liquor.

Happy Independence Day, America!



      1. It’s mineral water, but, really good mineral water. I add a slice of lime or lemon to it. FYI: if a restaurant makes you pay more than $3 for one, they’re overcharging you!

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