Believing Becomes Achieving

I know that I have touched on positive affirmations and how to form them in one of my earlier blogs, Recalibrate Your Compass but I feel like I might have underplayed the important role they can play in everyday life.

-It is especially crucial for people who are in a relapse cycle, new recovery journey or are a seasoned sober warrior.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it's important to fuel your body with the proper nutrients before you set out on your day. Really, your thoughts and mind are no different.

Your first thoughts of the day will propel you forward into the rest of your day. Adversely, starting off with a negative thought can actually propel you backward, as opposed to the forward direction you are aiming for.

In turn, this can create a vicious cycle of negative emotions you feel incapable of escaping.

More fuel for the negativity inferno raging in your mind.

Beginning and ending your days with positive affirmations can be the biggest fire prevention tool you can use and like Smokey said, "only you" can find these affirmations and apply them to your life.

-Actually, I'm pretty sure Smokey the Bear never said those exact words. Maybe I'm loosely paraphrasing. In any case,  these affirmations can start you on a stable footing for the next ventures of your life.

First, they will change how you think.

How you think will become how you feel.

How you feel will become how you act.

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Essentially it will be the flakes of snow that snowball into an avalanche; shifting your life into positions that align you with your goals.

Think about the things you really want for your life, and imagine if any of it fell into your lap tomorrow, would you even be ready? Are you really ready to completely ready to rise to the occasion of whatever is called for and bend over backward if need be?

Chances are, that if you are living in a world of negativity, the answer is 'no.'

Say you want to get a job promotion but every day you tell yourself;

  • "I will never get this promotion."
  • "No one ever notices my work."
  • "I'm always the under-appreciated one."

Not only will you start to act accordingly, but you prepare your reality for that scenario. In other words, you are setting your plan to NOT get the promotion and already preparing yourself for the letdown. No wonder no one is considering you for the promotion because you have already thrown yourself out of the race.

If you change these to positive affirmations;

  • "I put my best work into the world and open myself up to receive the best things coming to me."
  • "The good work I do today will fill me with the pride that will fuel my motivation tomorrow." (The good work I did yesterday will fuel the motivation to do better today)
  • "What I do is important because I am important"

These affirmations propel you into a forward-thinking process about where your life is heading. Your goals will become more apparent to yourself and to others around you.

Once your mind can wrap itself around the positive goals you want to achieve, and it can visualize them without your prodding, things will begin to fall in line.

You can't really expect to win the karma jackpot and get everything you ask for by thinking that you won't.

You have to plan a little, work a lot, and think about it constantly. The more comfortable your mind is with the idea of it becoming a reality, the easier it will be to see the steps it will take to get there.

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The term "speak things into existence" comes to mind.

And as I have said before, it's not a magic cure, you don't just get to tell yourself 'I'm going to win the lottery' and then one day you get a phone call from a long-lost royal relative who bequeaths you everything.

I'm not saying it will never happen, but your chances are slim.

However, you can speak your confidence, positivity, and motivation into existence, put that to good use and become financially stable enough that people would think you'd won the lottery.

Not that you need money to be rich, that was just an example. Sometimes the biggest problem with any conflict is how we see and approach it. If you approach them with a positive, 'can do' attitude the situation itself will turn.

Affirmations can be the stepping stones that you put into place, as you need to, where you see fit, in order to bolster you up through the next ventures of your life; recovery or not.


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