Chase Your Fears, Don’t Let Them Chase You

Thrill seekers and adrenaline-junkies may be onto something when it comes to chasing and tackling your fears.

Obviously, I'm not going to advocate that you become a stuntman/woman. I'm not telling you to start living life on the edge and jump out of the next plane you are on, barrel ride over the Niagra or run off to swim with sharks -although the latter is on my bucket list, that's beside the point.

You can take this ideal, and on a lesser scale, apply it to your everyday life.

It takes some serious self-motivation, and a slight bit of imagination to loosely fit over most situations that scare you. Dive right in to that work call, weekend bbq, trip across the country like you would dive into a pool you've dived into so many times you could do it with your eyes closed.

Essentially this would fall behind, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Call it what you will, the term 'chase your fears' struck a chord with me this year while watching the most unlikely of marathons; Shark Week.

As mentioned above, I very much plan on swimming with sharks one day before I die so this TV marathon is among my most favorites of them all.

man standing on stone beside body of water during daytime

This year they featured an hour-long episode in which Rowdy Ronda Rousey swam with some mako sharks.

Fair enough to say I will settle for the nurse sharks in the Bahamas over swimming with makos, but that's why she get's paid the big bucks. In any case, she briefly mentioned that her whole life she had been taught to chase her fears.

She then plunged into the water with some of the swiftest and more dangerous sharks known to man; second only to the Great White in the number of total boat attacks.

Now, as I said, this isn't a push to go swim with deadly sharks, although you can insert the simile here-

I get the worst social anxiety in the strangest of places.

Going into a crowded department store, for instance, sets my anxiety through the roof. It doesn't matter what I'm there for, the new goal is to get out as soon as humanly possible with little to no human interaction.

THAT is the ocean of sharks.

In this case, chasing my fears would be as simple meandering through the aisles, taking the time to look for what you want, maybe finding something I didn't know I 'needed', without care or worry of other people.  It's a small but very big step.

That's where the growth is; just beyond mine, or your own comfort zone.

light landscape nature red

-Sometimes the most crucial movement is not the entire damn breaking all at once, but slowly whittled away piece by piece.





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