Your Peace of Mind is Non-negotiable


One thing I wish someone would have taught me at a young age is that no one has the right to make you feel scared, hurt, or any sort of unrest.

No one!

If anything in this life costs you your peace of mind, the price is too high and it's ok to let it go.

Things in this life that are meant to be in your life, will always find a way to stay or come back into your life. You won't have to force or stress the situation.

It's when we begin to force these things that we lose our peace of mind and to lose sleep over things that we can't control. (quitesimplystella offers Top Ten ways to create peace of mind, click here for full blog)

So, here is what you can control

  • your focus
  • your mindset
  • your actions


Your Focus

Your focus will be the most difficult but the most essential thing you will need to revamp. Like the saying, "a watched pot never boils," chances are good you are staring at this hopeless scenario waiting for it to change and getting no visible results.

Now you are waiting on some results and you are beginning to lose peace of mind because you are focusing so narrowly on the water to boil, that you forgot that the burner isn't even on.

antique burn burning close up


Before you beat yourself up about the room temperature water, simply shift your focus.

Move your pot to a burner that works and get that water boiling!


Your Mindset


Don't take rejection or "failure" personally. When situations don't work out in our favor, we as humans have a tendency to internalize that, which to an extent can work to your advantage. (a great recent blog by bellasbabbles discusses how one turns things that seem like setbacks into positive calm and control, click here for the full read)

When these instances of "short-comings" arise, we should stop seeing them as such. There is a well known saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day," and along with that means, it wasn't built without some trial/error.

Great people aren't born great and marvelous wonders aren't blinked into existence.

Every master will tell you they learned more from times of rejection and so-called failure than they did from anything else in life.

The longer you stay hung up on this situation that didn't work out the way you wanted it to, is the longer you prevent yourself from finding another way to that thing you want.

Go back to the pot of water;

-the longer you sit and dwell on the fact that the first burner was off, the longer your water will still sit at room temperature. Sure, it's ok to be bummed about it initially, especially when it comes to the things you want in life.

ash black bucket burn

Instead of being upset that this burner didn't work out, and you start to lose sleep over the fact that you can never boil water in that place, look at it as an opportunity of growth. Maybe there is a better place to do this, or perhaps a different way you hadn't thought of before?

Your Actions


Once you know what isn't working, you can start focusing on what will work. Think about your goals and reconfigure how to achieve them.

One thing about "failure" is that it teaches you all the ins and outs, so by the time you finally do reach the top, it's because you have all the expertise and know-how, the only thing left is success. (Failure is Key is a great insight into how failure can shape your success)

Never let the failure or rejection of a situation or a scenario doubt the fact that you are a force to be reckoned with.

close up of black teapot

If the next 20 burners you try don't work, blow out, won't light and you move outside to the campfire, or maybe you decide, you can get someone else to boil the water, maybe you want to start prepping the rest of the meal, it's all fine!!

You don't owe anyone or anything your own peace of mind, in exchange for ANYTHING!





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