Practice Makes Progress

20180911_180803.jpgIt's very hard sometimes, to monitor our own progress because we acclimate to the change as it comes.

Much like if you were to walk to the top of a high mountain, on your way up, your body would slowly adjust to the changes in elevation. You might not even have noticed your ears popped a few yards back; that is progress.

Don't forget to be your own cheerleader.

Every little baby step you make, applaud yourself for the accomplishment before working toward the next one. In recovery, and in life, it can be really easy to hold onto the all the bad things, shortcomings and misgivings.

We begin to dwell on these things and beat ourselves up about them; losing endless hours of sleep over things that fell through even though we tried our hardest. Beating ourselves up becomes mandatory to move forward, but it really doesn't have to be.


When something good finally comes to us, even when we have been working for it we celebrate lightly (if at all) and move on.

We should spend the same (and probably more) time on our victories and accomplishments.

Why not beat ourselves up with kindness? Why can't we be proud of ourselves without teetering on the verge of cocky?

There is nothing wrong in celebrating your victories more than dwelling in your losses. If you learn from your mistakes, then there is no need to keep putting yourself through the ringer for having made them; but still, keep moving forward.

20180914_175651.jpgThe truth is, forward progress, no matter how big or little is still progress in the right direction. Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there. Insert a million witty cliched metaphors, but take away the same message.

So, perhaps you noticed the sunflower in this post as it went from a closed bud to a full blossom; or perhaps it was the gradual progress that caught you up.



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