Are You Resting or Resetting?

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night stressed, or possibly even upset about things you might not have control over? In these wee hours of the morning when you comfort yourself back to sleep, it is very crucial that your thoughts during this time are positive. After all, you are trying to rest, not reset.

I've practiced all the affirmations, notes on the mirror, reminders on my phone even, only to find myself back at square one because of one five am thought or another.

At first, I was frustrated and honestly, pretty disappointed in the outcome when so many others had sworn by the positive results.

apartment bed carpet chair

Tossing and turning in bed, I no longer think to myself;

  • wow you really f***ed that up yesterday!
  • oh man, I hope tomorrow goes off without a hitch...
  • how am I possibly going to figure this out alone?

Even something as brief and fleeting as those thoughts were laying the brick and mortar foundation for the rest of my day.

rest not reset!

In the beginning, I had to force myself to even recognize these thoughts as negative and stop them in their tracks. It's a very real struggle, but a victory worth winning. Now, it's few and far between that these detrimental thoughts creep in and instantly in my head I just ---

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Seriously! Stop that negativity in its tracks and don't even finish the thought. Replace them with calm happy thoughts, even if the thought is just, 'I still have time to sleep before the alarm goes off, I embrace this time of rest.' Here are some of the things I've most recently used to replace the doom and gloom;

  • I am more capable than my fears give me credit for
  • Time still passes at the standard rate, I don't have to have everything figured out this instant
  • Every step in the journey is an important step; this includes rest.
  • One thing is rarely overwhelming just by itself; it's when things are compounded together that they get overwhelming. So just take things, one day at a time, you can do this.

I can't possibly tell you what to say to comfort yourself in these restless hours or minutes, but I can tell you that if you speak kindly, and lovingly, it can change your entire morning.

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