Plant The Seeds

They say that there are five romance languages, Spanish, French, Potuguese, Italian, and Roman. Although, there is a language that has been long forgotten to most; the language of flowers and plants. Especially when you plant seeds in your own garden, it's crucial to know what you are dealing with. The seeds you plant today will be the fruit of tomorrow!

The language of flowers is one that has always fascinated me

  • the color of a flower
  • the way it is given
  • the type of flower
  • the occasion

Every single one of those factors plays into Floriography -turns out that's the term people use to refer to the language of flowers, who knew?

Well, this got me thinking, if there are meaning to flowers, then maybe there is a language to plants, too.

Guess what? There are!

clear glass terrarium with brown frame

So I've made a small list of plants you can keep in and around the house to keep you going strong during your recovery process.

-Note: I've specifically chosen plants that double as cooking spices but you can do your own research and find the ferns, daisies, aloe or holly that fits your needs.

Plant some...

Basil for: Good wishes, and to help steady the mind

Mint for: Virtue, healing and luck

Thyme for: Courage, strength, positive attitude and to dispel hopelessness

Parsley for: Gratitude, and increase strength and vitality

See, I told you it was a small list, and there are some places that sell a set of starter herbs that offer these and a few others for a small fee.

These aromas, and tastes if you choose to cook with them, will reenforce your sobriety standards and help keep you focused and on track without having to think about it too much.

person holding a green plant

Happy planting! =]

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