2018 Recovery Fest

Perhaps you missed it because quite frankly, I did, but Seattle based rapper Mackelmore most certainly did not as he headlined for the first ever Recovery Fest, September 29, 2018.

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Last week in Rhode Island, while the rest of us were still jaw-dropping at the arrival of pumpkin spice, Above the Noise (a non-profit that have sponsored previous sober musical events in the past) along with a handful of celebrities delivered a sober experience of a lifetime. The proceeds of which directly benefit local addiction recovery facilities.

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Along with major headlining performers, there were also guest speakers in between sets, guided yoga, and meditation before the event, and also free naloxone training. While there is so much stigma surrounding overdose and addiction, these events are groundbreaking for anyone who has thought about, been in, dealt with, been affected by addiction and overdose.

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Recovery Fest will hopefully just be the first in a long line of sober events that empower and enlighten the community. We are in this battle together, against addiction. Music bridges people together, sometimes without us knowing, so what better place to inspire hope and spread education about recovery.

If we are really lucky, this can be a turning point as a society. One where we no longer sweep addiction under the rug or leave overdose untalked about. A new societal priority, that puts the well-being of everyone above the uncomfortable awkward conversations.


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