My Precious -stones

For centuries, gems and precious stones have held cultural significances as well as holistic healing properties and can be used in tandem with plants and herbs. In the age of science though, such practices often get laughed at and ridiculed. It's for this reason, healers and hippies alike will use terms like 'help protect against' or 'promotes', when describing the benefits of the gems.

There are many ways to use your precious stones for their holistic benefits;

    • wear them in jewelry

  • keep them around your house

    • carry them in your pocket

    • use like a worry stone

Be sure to recharge and cleanse your stones regularly after use, should you choose to use them.

Natural cleansers include sunshine, fresh running water, there are even other stones you can use to cleanse your stones.

Now, I have picked a starter list of eight stones for beginners to get their feet wet into the gemstone healing world. The ones I have picked for this list directly support you in your recovery process and also focus on one (or more) of the seven major chakras.

white stone

  • Crystal "clear" Quartz -  Known as the 'stone of wisdom' it's the most iconic quartz, helps meditation, support balance and increase emotional stability.

*Good for all chakras*

* Root Chakra*

  • Sunstone - promotes a free flow of energy, activates the inner sun, eliminates fears and stress.

*Sacral Chakra*

  • Peridot - promotes personal freedom, calm, strengthens against evil, and reduces depression.

*Solar Plexus Chakra*

  • Carnelian - supports action and movement, personal power, present moment, enhances courage and self-confidence.

*Heart Chakra*

*Throat Chakra*

  • Lapis Lazuli - 'the stone of meditation', calms the mind, helps soothe and promote inspiration

*Third Eye Chakra*

  • Amethyst - promotes happiness, awareness, and protection, as well as, supports cleansing and balanced meditation

*Crown Chakra*

closeup photo of purple gemstones

You can get any or all of these on website retail, or you can scavenge around for your own but shortly you will find yourself with a rock/ gem collection.

Happy rockhounding!

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