Not Your Typical 12 Steps To Recovery

For the longest time, people have assimilated 'quitting drinking' and 'AA' quite closely. In fact, until I got sober, I had no real clue that there were other ways to get sober that didn't involve the 12 step program.

That's not the 'way' to recover!

 Guess what? For some people, it's just not what our recovery requires.

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There are types of sobriety programs, post detox, are vastly different than AA, offering help in;

  • nutrition
  • therapy
  • group progression
  • access to animals
  • family and other therapy

The Clearing is one of these facilities, but there are many out there. Many of them can even be covered by insurance. With some quick research, I found a varied list with facilities who specialize in equine therapy to nutrition/ yoga.

Sanctuary Sedona is another one of these programs, that is basically in my backyard, geared toward the nature of Sedona very much being part of your healing. These facilities are popping up at an encouraging rate. I say 'encouraging' because I was one of the many who felt lost among the crowds in rooms.

I was coaxed into going, very much against my will. The guy I had been seeing at the time thought I should tag along to one of his meetings and was very casual about it until I declined. Then came the inevitable, 'I think you have a problem and I think this could help.' My laugh told him everything about my lack of interest.

However, he persisted, and I caved.

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Sitting there while people shared their stories,  made me anxious and in all honesty, all I could think about was getting home to my bottle. I wasn't anything close to committed to my recovery. Sobriety and I were barely on speaking terms. In hindsight, I feel ashamed at the lack of respect I showed to these people by the simple fact that as soon as I got home, I started drinking again.

That's the honest truth of it though, and I'd be lying if I told you otherwise.

In any case, these facilities that are not-12 step related, work very closely with the individual through various therapies to attain successful long-term recovery. Addressing many of the issues that drive people to drink, even when they don't understand exactly why.

I was so hesitant to try and quit because I didn't even know there were options like this out here. Don't be afraid to explore all of your options because recovery is a lot of things, but linear is not one of them.

Find out which path works best for you.

-thanks for joining me on the sober side


    1. Not sure how I approved this and only JUST saw this. Thank you so much for the love Catherine <3 I've come to realize we are all on a sort of recovery journey, albeit different routes. I'm so glad ours crossed. =D Keep in touch!

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my recovery blog! I related to your feelings about listening to others stories. When I was released from in-patient treatment and transitioned to the out-patient group and counseling, as a newbie, hearing others stories made feel a bit anxious but at the same time it helped made me feel “I wasn’t the only one.”

    Now almost 12-yrs gamble free and sober, I share my own personal experiences with others to give them HOPE and pass on what I have learned. Much success in your recovery journey! xoxo Cat

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