Therapy: The Serious Talk

A few years ago, if someone would have suggested therapy, it would have sent me into a drunken tailspin of shame and feeling like a failure.

-My how much has changed in just a few years!

To most people my age and older, being in therapy suggests there is something the matter with us, simply because of the gray stigma cloud that surrounds therapy; and really, psychology entirely.

Let's not forget, psychology is a science that is not always viewed with credulity since the activity of one's brain can not entirely be studied. Not in the same way as other sciences.

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For instance, in every time that you add two hydrogen molecules to a single oxygen molecule, water is created; H2O. This will happen without fail every single time and we know this because we can see it in action -tangibly view the results. Barring the first two elements are unchanged, the outcome will remain the same in every single instance.

Same with math.

1 + 1 will always equal 2.


The human brain, however, is not as precise as that.

Which is why most people still chalk it up as junk and BS, when that couldn't be farther from the truth!

True, you might not be able to accurately measure the thoughts of someone's brain -subconscious or otherwise. We can, however, measure the success rates and patterns that keep occurring both in addiction and throughout recovery.

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Individual therapy is then broken down into further categories. For the purposes of this blog, I won't go too deeply into those. There is a great link here that will provide you with a further breakdown of these types of therapy. In some instances, but not all, these facilities that specialize in addiction treatment, also offer detox and medication in correlation with therapy methods to better assist those who need it.

You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home these days to find and access a good therapist! Websites like betterhelp are quickly on the rise.

Really the only question now is, is this the right path for you? -keep in mind its not the only way to stay sober.

-just another blog from the sober side

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