AA Alternatives

If you think AA is your only option, prepare to be amazed! There are many alternatives to AA that most people never consider when thinking about sobriety.

Put me in the game, Coach!

There are people, often former addicts themselves, who want nothing more than to help others achieve and maintain sobriety. Although very closely related to sponsors, although typically a sponsor will only work within and around the 12 step program.

Just a the name suggests, these people will coach you through the parts of your sobriety that seem impossible to navigate.

These people are determined to help build and establish a healthy, addiction-free and meaningful lifestyle for you.

Alternatives to AA aren't about 'cheating' the system or 'shortcutting' your recovery. They are about staying sober when AA isn't working, and these coaches often work symbiotically with AA. Ever hear of a sponsor?

They listen to you, listen to your lifestyle and break it down into functionality; what's working for you, what is working against you. They will look at the strengths of your personality and highlight them in activities that give you a sense of accomplishment.

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You can call it a recovery 'coach'.

These people end up becoming very integral parts of a recovering addict's life. These people assume roles such as a counselor, a confidant, and almost always, friend. Each recovery approach is very much tailored two whom it's geared for and by no means, a 'one size fits all' scenario.

Some of these people will even work with you 24 hours a day to help traverse any and all roadblocks and speedbumps in your recovery. There are recovery coaches who specialize in certain addictions. There are even some who promote certain practices (yoga, meditation, meetings, etc).

I would venture to say just as no two people are the same, no two recovery coaches are the same, so it falls on you to seek one you see fit for your particular instance. Which is why I also venture to say that AA alternatives are necessary for people who feel that AA isn't reaching them.

The point is, find your tribe.

Don't forget that these, at their core, are the most honest and strong human interactions. Bringing us all a little closer to understanding and accepting addiction. As well as the openness that is required for our (or our loved one's) recovery.

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The only question is, is a Recovery Coach or a Sponsor better for you? That is your choice of course -as I've blogged about recently, there isn't a wrong way to maintain sobriety.

Explore the options you have!

Since October is national Recovery month, I hope you've enjoyed the last month about the recent breakthroughs in recovery, alternative ways to stay clean, and even a glimpse into the past of alcohol addiction.

-See you next month on the sober side =}


  1. Hi… I found your blog recently after you linked to one of my posts…
    I’m curious – what is your personal approach to recovery, and do you feel you need one?
    Honestly I don’t do anything, and the only thing in my life still related to recovery or my former meth addiction, is my blog. I enjoy writing about it (as well s other things). I would even have stopped writing about it completely long ago and concentrated only on atheism or other things, but some people have said I’ve inspired them, so I keep at it despite feeling hopelessly underqualified… because I don’t fully understand how I did this right and lost the interest in using the drug I used to love.

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