Take The Next Step -Even If You Don’t See It

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You don’t always have to see the next step to know that it’s there -sometimes all you need is some faith that the staircase is complete.

If you read last month’s blogs, you know I’m not necessarily talking about 12 steps -but if the shoe fits, lace it up!

As usual, it’s typically easier said than done but nine times out of ten, the reward outways any skepticism. That being said, unless someone is dragging you, kicking and screaming, you might be a little hesitant to take that next step. It’s even harder to have faith that there will be a step there to support you if you can’t see the step beforehand.

Hesitant to leave the comfort you have outgrown, and exchange it for some aspect of life you don’t want; fear of an undesired outcome. A statement you will hear a lot in recovery is, if you work for it, it works for you. This couldn’t be truer in these instances of blind faith, where we see the step we are on, and the step we are working toward, and need to blindly trust that there is a step in between although it’s not really visible.

This is the constant evolution that is required in addiction recovery.

It’s unbelievably hard to motivate yourself to do these things when you don’t feel like you are mentally prepared to -don’t forget your fears underestimate you 100% of the time.

Look no one like to do these new and uncomfortable things in the beginning, but they are only new once! So,

  • put on your best outfit
  • rock out to some jams, and
  • dive right in


Looking sharp

women s pink sweatshirt and brown plaid skirt

Wearing your best outfit not only demonstrates your readiness (or exudes the air of readiness), but it will also have your confidence levels at an instant boost. When you feel good, it begins to shine through. That step of faith will be easier to take when you have confidence in yourself.


Crank up the tunes

photography of woman listening to music

Listen to some workout playlists or some of your rocking high school/college favs. Enjoying the music will put your mind at ease for a second, and get you pumped up for that next step. You might not want to take that step, but you won’t want to sit still too much longer.


Read or not…

Remember when you were a kid, standing at the end of the diving board like a petrified rock about to sink off the edge and plummet to the water below with the grace of a bowling ball? All your friends in the pool already, coaxing you to jump -after all, it’s not even the highest or second highest diving board. At the very second you feel like your heart will burst out of your chest, you jump -still landing with about as much grace as a bowling ball. Although you realize, hey, that wasn’t so bad after all! In fact, it was kind of fun!!


I’m not promising your next step will always be fun, but you will get that same sense of relief. The kind that comes on the other side of fear and askes the question, ‘why was I so afraid to do this in the first place?’

-the steps aren’t always visible, but at least they’re always on the sober side.





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