The Cost of Drinking

When you look at the alcoholism statistics, of course, it's clear that one of the most costly parts of the addiction directly relates to the things drinking robs from your life., If you ask any addict, they will tell you this list of things is far reaching, to say the least. I think I've beaten that horse enough in prior posts, it's time to talk something more tangible. The actual drinking cost when you decide to bargan with alcohol.

There are a lot of people who will never understand addiction simply because they refuse to believe it can happen to them, so I get that a lot of my blog topics might fall on deaf ears for those who have never been involved.

So let's talk about something everyone can understand.

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$$$ I'm talking the cold hard cash!! $$$

Even at the tail end of my addiction, I had tampered myself down to just a little over a pint of tequila a night. The drinking cost dominated my spending. In the rural area I live at, the price of that could vary between $10 to $15 a pop. Using a simple spending calculator online, it's easy to calculate about $7,200-$11,000 spent on alcohol. Just about 10k a year!

Keep in mind, that's at a time where my drinking had significantly slowed, so in years prior it would easily be double or more!

During the worst of my addiction, I somehow managed to afford alcohol when I was barely squeaking by and hardly making enough to cover it!

As of 2010, the average American household (of which no one had an excessive drinking problem) still spend about $400 on alcohol a year. That's about a $30 bottle of wine, or what-have-you, a month which really, isn't a lot even by drinking standards, but it still adds up over a year.

For that price, you could fly to Paris!

That's two decent seats at a football game!

Four passes at Disneyland is just about the same price!

Holy buckets of money, Batman!

I think you get the point. Even if you aren't addicted to alcohol, you can still end up paying a decent chunk of change every year, even just skimping by. Think about your monthly drinking cost and ask yourself if your life is worth that amount, whatever it is.

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For many of us, we never skimped by, and as we quickly tabulate the amount in our minds, please try not to stare at the smoke coming out of our ears as our gears go into overdrive.

For those of us who are former alcoholics, or are currently struggling, the benefits of sobriety begin to pay for themselves, whereas alcohol only ever cost us something.

-Life is richer on the sober side

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