5 Reasons To Break-Up With ‘FoMO’

It was fun while it lasted FoMO, but like all things, it's time to close this chapter and move forward.

When the phrase FoMO, short for Fear of Missing Out, was coined in the late 90's it took a while before it caught on like wildfire, and before you knew it everyone and their mother was foaming at the mouth to FoMO the FoMO out of the phrase.

This is one of the most unhealthy relationships any recovering addict can have; between a recovering addict and fear of missing something.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to break it off with your FoMO and leave it in the dust.

  • The reason you feel FoMO is in your head.
  • Do you really remember what you are "missing out" on? It sucked!
  • Fear, the essential component of FoMO, is a liar, and it's really only hurting you.
  • FoMO will run you until your tank is empty.
  • you aren't missing anything, in fact just the opposite


1) It's all in your head!


No really, it is! Even the guy who coined the phrase admits that FoMO stems from your perceived norm and the 'attractiveness' of the opportunities.  So basically, you remember all the happy fun that drinking gave you, albeit brief and you see the normalcy of others drinking regularly and you feel like you are missing out. Alcohol is that abusive ex that promises a lifetime of happiness and never to hurt you again, but you have to be strong enough to know that alcohol is never going to change. You need to stop listening to it's pretty promises to change, and get that idea out of your head right now! Dump it! Dump it like you would dump yesterday's trash.


2) You aren't 'missing' anything


As I said before, you are only remembering the good things that alcohol gave you, even though it became so infrequent that we all basically drowned ourselves trying to achieve those fleeting moment. So what exactly are you missing out on? Drunk texts? Hangovers? Jail visits? Physical fights? Internal damage?

Once while drunk, I lost my phone, cracked the replacement, got a knife pulled on me, punched one of my guy friends in the face, and walked in on my (at the time) bf kissing a man that looked like Jack Sparrow -ALL in one day. Is that the kind of stuff you are missing out on? Really?

I didn't think so.


3) Fear is a liar!


Fear will lie to you any chance it gets! It will lie about your capabilities, your worth, and have you second guessing even your strongest core beliefs...if you let it. -and this FoMO is NO different. The fear of missing out isn't a good fear, one that propels you into greatness. Instead, FoMO will have you chasing the crowd as opposed to doing what is best for you and your recovery.


4) Running on E



FoMO leads a lot of people to run the extra mile, put in the extra hour, and generally overload their schedule. Which is great, in short spurts if at all, because you will quickly burn yourself out.


5) So much room for activities!!


Back to the FoMO being in your head, because when you look at the grand scheme of things, you have not only more time for new and more productive activities but also, you remember them that much more.


I've said it before, and I'm saying it again; end your romanticized relationship with FoMO.


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