7 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written About Addiction

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Chances are you've heard, Rehab by Amy Winehouse, Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park, Sober by Pink, or Wasted by Carrie Underwood, on the radio at some point. While these are very obviously titled recovery songs, there are some tunes that have been circling the airwaves for years that might not be as obvious.

For those who have never been addicted and for those who have been fortunate enough to have not felt its' ripple effect, these songs might have gotten stuck in your head a few times; unbeknownst to you at the time, about recovering from addiction.

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Here are some songs you have been walking around humming all day that are written about drugs/addiction.

click song titles for downloads, and band names for more background info on the lyrics =}

Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Blood, Sugar, Sex and Magik, the band's fifth album was in pre-production, and due to its sound as well as this song's controversial undertones caused Anthony Kiedis to second-guess the chances of putting it on the CD; so much so he had to be convinced to even share the idea with bandmates. The song, written about Kiedis' own feelings of despondency and how narcotics affected his life, was not only embraced by his band members but released as the second single from the album.

-it then went on to top the Billboard Charts at #2 that year, win a 'Viewer's Choice Award' and a 'Breakthrough Video Award' and has been a constant earworm for people around the globe since 1992.

Amazing - Aerosmith

After the band broke up -because what band hasn't?-  Steven Tyler and his long-time friend/collaborator Richie Supa got together to write this power ballad. The album, Get A Grip ends with Tyler's conclusion, "So from all of us at Aerosmith to all of you out there, wherever you are, remember: the light at the end of the tunnel may be you. Good night."

click song titles for downloads, and band names for more background info on the lyrics =}

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Can't Feel My Face - The Weekend

While this one is a little harder to pin down because no one ever said, "I LOVE COCAINE" and made it on a billboard chart -until now. Even after winning a 'Kid's Choice Award' where The Weekend touted, "I just won a new award for a kids show, Talking 'bout a face-numbing off a bag of blow". It's just so darn catchy!!!

The A Team- Ed Sheeran

Recovery songs don't always come from first hand experience. One night after volunteering for a homeless shelter, Sheeran stuck around to hear people recount their troubles that led them there and after performing a small show for the homeless, walked off stage and wrote the chart-topper.

The light melody and happy A-Team reference masking the darker topic earned Ed his first ever Grammy Award nomination. If you listen to the lyrics about sinking cheeks and "going mad for a couple grams", you begin to see the long-term effects of heavy meth addiction -or any drug addiction really.

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click song titles for downloads, and band names for more background info on the lyrics =}

That Smell- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Like many rock bands in the day, parties tended to be an ongoing thing. The era of, 'I want to rock and roll all night and party every day'.

Lynyrd Skynyrd was no different.

The band was heavily drinking, as well as using drugs when guitarist Garry Rossington wrapped his brand new Gran Torino around the trunk of a thick oak tree.

Though his life was spared, Ronnie Van Zant, the lead vocalist, wrote this song as a warning against the use of excessive drinking and drug use. Even prior to the crash, Ronnie was reported to have told sources close to him that he felt he had "a creepy feeling things were going against us", in regards to their careless drinking habits.  Three days after the song was released, a devastating plane crash took the lives of several band members including Van Zant.

It's Been Awhile [Explicit]- Staind

For as long as you have been singing these recovery songs, did you take time to realize they're about addiction? That isn't just a small reference in the lyrics. It's a hard look at the rock bottom of addiction and someone looking around and taking accountability for the shambles. Aaron Lewis himself has called this "an acknowledgment of the past".


click song titles for downloads, and band names for more background info on the lyrics =}

Hate Me (Album Version) [Explicit]- Blue October

This is another one written about the devastation addiction does to the relationships in your life, and really taking accountability for the ways in which we (as addicts) have wronged certain people. In this instance, the recovery songs geared toward his girlfriend, which, no doubt is one of the many relationships that end up suffering as a result of addiction.

Listen closely the next time you listen to the radio, after all, the rock star lifestyle is littered with temptation. It would be daft to think some of that would't seep into the lyrics of some of our most beloved tunes.

click song titles for downloads, and band names for more background info on the lyrics =}

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