New Year, Who Dis?

Well, 2019 is knocking at the door, and before you finish blinking we will be ringing in the New Year! As we leave 2018 in the dust, here are some other things to turn up your coat tails to while you are at it!

  • second guessing your decisions
  • explaining yourself
  • focusing on the past
  • feeling worthless
  • negativity


These things have become outdated and are no longer serving you. It's 2019, baby it's time to start living like it.




No more second guessing

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If you feel it in your gut and in your heart, and know it in your head, don't think twice about it. You are making the best decisions you can with the knowledge you have now, so don't look back and second guess every decision you make and wonder if it was 'best' or even 'good'. Trust that for that moment, you knew what was best for you and move forward without qualms.


Stop Explaining Yourself


Explanations are like excuses, are like opinions -everyone has one, almost all of them stink. Once you have made a decision, your explanation, excuses, or opinions are really useless; so stop giving them to people. You don't owe them excuses, explanations, or even your opinion, just do you, and keep moving forward.

Quit focusing on the past

pexels-photo-1675818.jpegUnless you are trying to learn from it, there is absolutely no value in staying focused on the past. You can't move into the future without letting go of what's already happened. Let this new year be one that shifts you into new and better things, rather than perpetuating past experiences and relationships.


Ditch feeling worthless


You have a purpose and a place in this world and there is no reason to feel otherwise. Focus on yourself, your triumphs and your goals. Learn from failure but don't let it define you. No one is worthless; not even you.


Banish Negativity

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2019 has absolutely no room for negativity. Whether it's self-generated or from an outside source, it has no place in 2019, or in your life in general. Kick it to the curb, along with anyone who tries to inject it into your life.



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