Who Needs New Year’s Eve To Make Resolutions?!

Okay friends, serious question here; Why are you waiting for the New Year to make your resolutions?

Seriously, why?

If you really think about it on it's face we have been making, and doing our best to stick to resolutions all year long. You didn't wait for the first of the year to get sober and all of the changes that came with it. Whether you,

  • took up yoga
  • joined a book club
  • started working out
  • got sober

You did these things with conviction, not because of an annual tradition.

None of those things required a 'new year' to start doing them, what they require is an actual resolution.

So why is it so hard to stick to New Year's resolutions when you have been making and sticking with resolutions all year long?



Many people aim for the moon with their goals with is amazing, however for resolutions, it's often the antithisis of what you want. If you make your resolution out of reach, then of course it will be hard to stick to.

Example: Instead of, 'My new year's resolution is to loose X amount of lbs by next year.' This does two things that you don't want in a resolution, the first being putting all of your focus on the amount of weight being lost to determine success. It also offers no plan of action, and therefore is just a standalone statement that will fall to the wayside come Feb.

Instead try something like, 'My new year's resolution is to work out at least thirty minutes every day'. Your success is now a plan of action and a lot easier to attack and manage under that pretense. Your success isn't determined by the number on the scale, but directly dependent on the time you invest.


No 'fix-and-forget'

The thing about new year's resolutions, is when many people don't recieve instant results, they get discouraged and begin to reason with themselves, talking themselves down from the resolution and back into their old ways. You have to have some conviction and willpower to hold yourself to these resolutions, but it doesn't have to be the most difficult thing in the world.

Example: If your new year's resolutions is to work out more, but you admittedly spend too much time scrolling through FB and IG, kill two birds with one stone. The next time you catch yourself scrolling, put down your phone and do crunches. You don't have to have a gym membership to workout, and sometimes, just feeling that sore contraction of muscles is enough to feel some instant results.

Even once a day of this, will start to earn boost your confidence in the results you can feel and you will, in all likelyhood, continue to reward yourself with that feeling of progress.

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Cop-out Resolution

Ok, be honest, how many times have you made a New Year's resolution and set the bar low either because you want to achieve something with minimal effort, or because you don't mind breaking the resolution. Well, that really defeats the purpose of a resolution, doesn't it?

Example: 'My new year's resolution is to stop making New Year Resolutions.' Well, if that's the cop-out you choose, that's cool. Just keep in mind that a New Year resolution is the same as any other resolution, but in my eyes 90% more likely to fail.

When you resolve to do something out of either necessity or out of want, you don't need, or want to wait until the 1st of the year, 1st of the month, or 1st thing tomorrow; you start now.

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