Time To Talk Astrology

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It’s a pretty widely accepted fact that the human body is usually 75-55% water, depending on the person’s stage of life and gender.


It’s also pretty widely accepted that the moon effects every huge body of water on the planet -as evident by the changing tides.

However, when you link the two, the moon having an effect over your personal body because it is made up of water, often people’s eyes roll back into their head and glaze over with boredom.


Time to talk astrology.

Early on in the month, the astral activity paves the way for changes, so brace yourself as the new moon and a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn settle in.

The New Moon in Cap will leave every sign feeling more “down to earth” and a lot more, “all work and no play” as such is the Capricorn way.

Make no mistake though, Capricorn always plays to win, so don’t be surprised if you start feeling like you’re ready to go all in.

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The partial solar eclipse on the same day of this new moon is just the first of many events on the astrological calendar for 2019. It’s also perfect for new starts as this eclipse starts a new eclipse phase that lasts the next six months, ending July 2nd.

These two events together are the perfect combination for planting the seeds of self-improvement. With Pluto and Saturn on either side of the eclipse might have you feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, so to speak, especially in your career and in relationships.

-This will be a crucial time to reevaluate the things in your life that are no longer aligned with this new year and your new goals.

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Let the hard-working nature of Capricorn work in your favor in this aspect, as your self-improvement and career goals, and healthy relationships begin to flourish.

Another solar eclipse this month with Neptune will leave every sign feeling somewhat “dreamy”, and creativity will flow easily, even from signs that don’t consider themselves creative. This works to the advantage of every sign, whether your goals are creative, career driven, or self-focused, or all of the above; the conditions this month are perfect for all.

Although this New Moon in Capricorn will have most signs searching for factual based anything, after this solar eclipse with Neptune, all signs should shift their focus from facts to intuition.

The month wraps up with a total lunar eclipse in the ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’. The Super Moon is when the moon and the Earth are closest to each other, therefore, the moon appears giant; super. A blood moon is when a solar eclipse leaves the moon in a reddish orange hue.


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A lunar eclipse on a supermoon and a solar eclipse leaving the super moon bloody on the same day is quite an event, and astrologers have dubbed it the Super Blood Wolf Moon.

This will highjack all the signs into emotional overdrive, so if you haven’t eliminated the toxic relationships when Saturn and Pluto urged you, the end of the month will be a difficult one to travel the highs and lows of the emotional rollercoaster for something you aren’t wholeheartedly invested in.

If you trust the magic of new beginnings, January 2019 is the month for you.

For those of us continuing our sobriety journey, or if you are doing ‘dry January’ as a trial run, the seeds you plant today will be the garden of tomorrow; plant your seeds with consideration and care.



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