..And The Award Goes To…

As you know, 2018 drew to a close and for those of us in the blogging community, it was quite the busy year.

The web was abuzz with news about politics, fashion, celebs, and almost everything in between. Of course, those of us in the blogosphere were busy with business as usual, and those of us lucky few were nominated for the handful of annual blogging awards that are delved out.

Last summer I was nominated for the Liebster award.


It's an award for newbie bloggers to nominate other newbie bloggers, in order to not only gain recognition among the community but also to reward well written and well thought out blogs.

After a long summer of waiting, the winner of the 2018 Liebster award has been announced. In an effort to maintain honesty, I went and checked out the blog by Frothy Winter. It was, in that same honesty, was hoping to find a shipwreck blog that was in desperate need of recognition. (Yes, I can admit that's as horrible as it sounds and no I'm not proud.)

This was not the case.

The writing is captivating and is indeed quality. Which makes it all that disheartening to lose to. Not because either of us is undeserving. There are no outward links. No keywords heavily littered. Everything I've read that has been telling me, 'this will make your blog marketable' was nowhere to be seen.

There was nothing but some small blurbs, some novel ideas, sometimes rhythmic poetry, and sheer honesty, makes this blog one worth reading.

However, I applaud the fact that they won. Moreso, I read a number of their posts in an effort to gain some insight into the ways in which I can improve my own blog.

20190121_112555.jpgWhile I did not win, one of my unique questions was mentioned in a sub-blog relating to the award.

Yep, that's me, right there. Recover Urself Blog made some headlines.

To those who participate in this year's nominations, I wish you all the best of luck! It's back to the drawing board for this blogger.

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