Daily Meditation

Yes, I know I've said it before, but I'm here to tell you again unless you are meditating daily, you aren't meditation enough!

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There are multiple ways to learn, practice, and be guided through mediation for anyone who has never even attempted.

This one I've recommended specifically for my father, after his own attempt to meditate, however, among numerous other meditation devices, reading can be an insightful tool.
Touchstones: A Book of Daily Meditations for Men (Hazelden meditation series) by Hazelden Foundation (1992-01-03)

The biggest downside with the book is, it's hard to read and practice at the same time. (haha! duh, right?)

What I mean by that is, sometimes when you are listening to guided meditation, it's a little easier to get into the practice of doing it. Versus a book will have you reading, experimenting, rereading, questioning yourself, and overall lead you down a path of negative meditation practices.

If you begin to feel like you aren't doing it correctly, you will be less inclined to keep doing it, and therefore won't benefit from it at all.

Most of the best-guided meditations I've found are in the form of apps and audible books.

BT-Dubs (btw) for those of you who don't have audible you are seriously missing out! With a monthly prescription, you get one free credit a month! Free credit meaning, one free book!

For my fellow book lovers, how is that not a selling point?!

You can use that credit on any audible book they offer, it even includes the new exclusive series. Not to mention, the credits accumulate if you don't use them right away so you can still get your free credit months after you haven't used it!

At any rate, these are the very tips of the giant iceberg that is meditation! Once you have tapped into the source, your meditation will bring you peace of mind and a sense of being calm and rested. Perhaps not your physical being, but your emotional state will feel somewhat, rejuvenated.

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My own meditation practices are things I've strung together from what works for me. Many of my own rituals are pieces of guided meditation that resonated with me. Small bits and pieces of guiding phrases and visuals that aid me in my meditative state. Surprisingly, even after a few short minutes, I feel almost as if I've gotten a second wind! It's incredible really!  With all these resources right at your fingertips, it's really hard to fathom a reason you can't make time to recharge and reflect.

I suppose the real question is, why aren't you meditating?

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