Arizona Snow Days: Finding Comfort in the Cold

Well, it's snowing here in Arizona! That might be something you never thought you would read but surprisingly the northern part of the state, where I live, gets its fair share of snow.

It snows in the desert?

Technically, it's the high desert, but yes we see snow, rain, all four seasons, and there isn't a saguaro cactus for hundreds of miles. 199 miles to be exact, really, that's like driving NYC to Boston, or Santa Barbra to San Diego; in other words, it's an entirely different world down there.

Frozen rain chain in the back yard.  Valle, Az Feb 2019

Annually, Flagstaff Arizona can anticipate around 100 inches (263 cm) of snow. Being north of Flagstaff, but south of the Grand Canyon means we miss a good portion of that snow but are not immune to it.

While the canyon itself averages around 50 in (126 cm)  a year, the average days of snowfall can be as little as four to six days a year. This means we get a whole lot of snow, in a very short amount of time.

Such is the case this weekend.

While it makes for really beautiful tourist photos of the canyon like this clear day after snow earlier this week, it also makes for especially difficult travel conditions.


In fact, today the main highway in and out of the Grand Canyon National Park is closed! It's coming down in sheets; the really thick cotton kind you can't see through.

Clearly, I'm not going anywhere outside today, which really got me thinking...

Why not have a little snow day fun?

Just because the sun isn't shining, (not exclusively in the literal sense) doesn't mean we can't try to enjoy what happiness comes our way. It doesn't mean we aren't acknowledging the clouds above, it means that we move on with our day as best we despite them.


Snow is going to fall, or rain, fill in the metaphor with the weather of choice, but that is no reason you have to go stand alone in the weather and be as miserable as the cold. Find light in your day and smile when those cracks of light shine through!

Netflix and chill is the ever-popular way to spend any day holdup indoors, although binge watching an entire series of something can be fun, I always feel as if I've wasted an entire day of my life being a sponge and really should have done something with my time. In the event you find yourself in a similar situation, you can try simple things like;

  • taking a bath
  • reading a few chapters in a book
  • get all dolled up with nowhere to go
  • enjoy a nice hot chocolate (with coffee of course *shrug*)

PicsArt_02-21-01.01.34.jpgThese are small but big ways you can turn your day around to start feeling good, with little to no outside help. The objective here is to start doing something, anything that might not be 'productive' per se, but still achieves some pretty desirable results, i.e. feeling relaxed and good about yourself.



Force yourself to do something you know makes you feel good, even on the days when you can't shake the gloomy weather, you can do things that change your mood from the inside out. Then it doesn't matter so much what the weather looks like outside your window because the comfort is coming from within.




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