Recovery Works

"It works if you work it," isn't just a catchy phrase to help you get through the steps, it's really a life strategy. Especially in the beginning when everything feels 'hit or miss,' and seemingly a lot more 'miss' than 'hit'. Keep in mind that no matter how slow the process feels, it can only be made slower, by stopping. Whether you choose the AA route or something thought of as nontraditional, there is one commonality in every program. Recovery works for you if you put in the work for it.


Think of it like a healthy relationship; not like the abusive and corrosive one with alcohol. This new relationship with recovery is 50/50. Once you've committed to your sobriety journey, your recovery and you, till death do you part, begin your lifelong partnership.

I know it might be hard for you to imagine a healthy and loving relationship with recovery when you have been in such a toxic relationship with alcohol for so long. There is a reason they say, 'recovery works for you if you work it' -because it's true!

If you work the steps, the books listed to the left are considered continuations to the steps that have been reputed to help further the understanding and fill the gaps of knowledge the big book might have left open.

(p.s. worth every penny whether your recovery involves AA or not)

There are so many sayings I've found in recovery, that don't only apply to trying to stay sober, but they double as valuable life lessons and general practices. This is one of those things.

How to apply this in other aspects of life

Just because this is considered a 'recovery quote' doesn't really mean that it only applies to addiction. Recovery isn't the only thing that starts to give back what you put in, and in my sobriety, I see that more and more.

All of these and more can really be approached in the same way.

______ works for you if you work for it. Fill in the blank; the bottom line is really the same. You get out what you put in. I know some of you are reading this scoffing at the simplicity, but for us recovering addicts, somethings have been cast aside during our addiction.


Many of these things you see as simple, we are often relearning.

Early on in recovery, it gets so difficult because sometimes we start doing good and it feels like we are spinning our wheels. However, I can assure you, that if you work for it, recovery works. It doesn't work instantly, and it's far from easy, but it does work.


You wouldn't get into a relationship with someone you care about and give (nor expect) less than 50/50, so don't settle for less from yourself. You deserve 100%.

Recovery works if you work it, i.e. you get out what you put in. So, why not give it your all?

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