These (Hiking) Boots are Made for Walking

Hey Recover Urself-ers! I have some new news, some exciting plans, and great boots to top it all off!! (Seriously though, I'll tell you about the hiking boots in a minute.)

First things first

I just want to say one thing first: Thanks for hanging with me through this tough time, I'm back and ready for action!

In fact, I've been doing a bit of planning! After losing my mom so suddenly, it's really begun settling in that life is short. Too short, really! Which is why this summer, my father and I will be taking a trip to Oregon!!

It serves as a dual purpose trip because one of my best friends (basically my brother -blood could not make us closer) is getting married up there and my dad and I need a little getaway!

My mom might have been little in stature, but the actions and movements she created were huge, and it's been rough having daily reminders around this tiny town.

The Trip

The main destination is Mt. Hood, near where the wedding will be, but we are hoping to spend some time exploring. This will be new territory for both my father and me so it's pretty exciting.

I live in a landlocked state known more for it's desert, so trying to imagine this trip is a bit surreal for me. From what I hear, the city of Portland pays people to wipe moss off the street signs! That's a LOT of moisture in the air! Arizona doesnt even have water under the bridges here....

Needless to say the excitement is building for us both.

Pair that with seeing one of my favorite people ever, and it sounds like vacation that's too good to be true! Okay, okay, so this is where I tell you about the footwear!

These boots are made for hiking

Yes, hiking boots! First of all, we intend to camp a few nights so the boots are a no-brainer, and as I mentioned before there will be an abundance of water where we are going! If my memory serves me right, there will be a short walk to get to the wedding.

I opted for the Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots for women (or men, if you dig a pink stripe on your shoe, no shame there). I've bought plenty of boots in my lifetime, but none were quite really MADE for walking quite like these!

I opened them up the first day, knowing I would need to do some breaking in before just out and out trying to wear them. The first thing I noticed was the ankle support! I don't know what I was expecting, but that really wasn't one of the things I anticipated.

I wore them all day, even though as I put them on I wondered how long it would take before my feet began to hurt from the new stiff shoes. That point never came! I doubt I will need to any time soon, but I would definitely buy these again!

That's my news, my boots, and my summer plans! You guys going on any big trips this summer?

Thanks again for bearing with me through that brief lapse in blogging! Love you all so much! Catch you later on the sober side!

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