Let Me Count The Ways…

Everyone knows how to say, 'I love you,' and when it's right there in plain English, it's very easy to recognize. Although, these first few months of 2019 have shown me that there are many other ways to say 'I love you,' without actually dropping the 'L' bomb. Here are a few undeniable ways people tell you they love you every day that you might overlook.

'Be Safe'

This can also take forms like, 'text when you get there' I feel like this is the simplest way to say that you love someone.

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When you hear this, keep in mind that, the person is wishing for your safety and well-being. So much that they want to know immediately if anything bad has happened, if they can help or if you are ok. Which brings me to the next one, and the most recent revelation in my life.

'Let me know if there is anything I can do'

Okay, I know I am recovering from addiction so a lot my connections are still not entirely there, but this one is a rather new epiphany for me. Especially in the wake of my mother passing. So many people have reached out and said this and I am so blessed to have such love and support surrounding me in this life.

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These people know there is no way to bring my mom back, and I'm sure many of them know that's all I really wish anyone could do. It occurred to me recently that they are saying these things out of sheer love because if they had it in their power to do so, they would no doubt do just that. Sadly they can't. Often, this is statement is the next best thing, because it really speaks volumes to the amount of love someone has for you if they are willing to help you with something you haven't even described to them yet.

If someone is telling you this, listen to them. They are asking you, in not so many words, to please let them help you, in any way, if you need it. If that isn't a giant way to say 'I love you,' without actually saying it, I don't know what is.

'Just thinking of you'

If anyone has ever said,

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  • just thinking of you
  • saw this and thought of you
  • I wanted to hear yo

or any variation of the above, you are definitely loved! How often do you spend all day thinking about someone you hate, call them and say, "You know what, I was just thinking of you and I wanted to call and tell you that." (need I explain more?)

Likewise, if someone is out and about, see's something that reminds them of you and then actually spends their money on it, you are very near and dear to their heart.

Did you eat today?

Simple. Blunt. Effective.

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Someone is genuinely concerned with your health and self care. Whether food is lacking or not, you are definitely rich in love and support.

Alright, I will level with you that was a bit cheesy, but it's the truth.

If you really listen to the people close to you, you will be surprised how often they actually tell you they love you; even no one is throwing the "L" word your way all the time.

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