Change of Direction

As my blog nears it's one year anniversary, I've been going back and taking a glance at my older posts and they all have a similarity. There is very limited personal information and more of a preachy bs how-to-guide. Maybe I think it's time to change direction.

Don't you agree?

I mean, it's still a recovery blog that much isn't changing. Although, I suppose it's time to open up a bit more.

Is no news, good news?

Most recently and most notably in my recovery, if had some minor blood work done.

One of two annual tests to make sure my liver hasn't developed cancer. It's scary, to say the least, because twice a year I'm reminded of my mortality. Something that, this year has driven home really heavily with the loss of my mom. My desire to live far greater outweighs my desire to have a good time. I attribute much of my sobriety to this.

If you stick your hand in a dog's face and it bites you, no doubt you will be hesitant to pet the dog again. However, if you put your hand in the dog's face and it mangles you beyond belief and leaves you fighting for your life, you might hate dogs forever. I stuck my hand in and got bit plenty of times. It wasn't until my life was mangled and I was fighting for my life that I really swore off the juice.

That was my 'rock bottom', but everyone's breaking point is different. Although, every six months when this lab order for blood work comes in the mail, I'm reminded of mine.

At any rate, I got the blood work done, and because of extenuating circumstances my doctor and I have been unable to meet. However, she also hasn't called which I'm hoping means all is well.

New Direction

It's important that I not only practice what I preach but in order to really reach people, you need to see it for yourself. That's really the important thing when I decided to change direction with my blog.

A week ago i said I was back and 'ready for action' and that was really only half true. I was ready yes, but I wasn't entirely back. I didn't know how to be. In a lot of places in life right now I feel somewhat lost, and that's where I was with the blog.

To make a long story short, that's what brings us here.

New year, new direction, and new insights into sobriety and the lifestyle you can have in it. I'm not saying it's a glamorous lifestyle that automatically comes with diamonds and VIP access. Although sobriety sometimes feel like a very exclusive club that I'm privileged to be part of.

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