Happy Birthday, Recover Urself!

I knew my blog was approaching it's year 'blogiversary' any day, but WordPress officially sent me the notification today! Happy one year birthday to my blog!

It's been a long year, and this blog has been a driving force in my life since then. Really, it's so powerful to just open up and share myself and my story and to hear the responses. Not all a positive, I assure you. That's ok though, it's even part of life.

After one year of blogging I've realized what really keeps me writing.

My Motivation

Oddly enough, it's usually right around the time I think about throwing in the towel, right when I'm ready to call it quits, something amazing happens. That's the point when people reach out to me with words I've never expected to hear.

'You've helped me.'

'...because of you I'm inspired...'

'I needed to hear this'

They may seem like small comments and I probably don't gush enough about how much I love them, because they aren't small; not in the slightest!

I can't stress to you enough the importance of these words! So many time's I've blogged and wondered, does anyone even read this? I wonder if anyone likes these? Maybe I should just stop, it doesn't seem like anyone really pays attention anyway.

Well, I thought that. Until I stopped blogging for two weeks and everyone reached out to ask if I would continue.

Wow! That told me so much about my blog and even if it's a small corner of the world, people still find comfort and insight here. Which was exactly my goal!!

So thank you all from the bottom of my heart! For every comment, like, share, and every time you've thought about my blog long after you've read it. That to me means more than any literary accolade in the world.

Happy Birthday to blog

I've heard of some people feeling frustrated with their blog and stopping right around the year mark and, woah buddy I can see that! For the reasons above, you really need to make sure your blog is not only something you enjoy writing about but that blogging something you enjoy doing at all!

Many people hear you can make money off a blog and sign right up without knowing the hows or whats they are aiming for. A lot more people don't have the time or the self-motivation to keep doing writing a blog they aren't invested in on a personal level.

Although, the one year birthday of this blog, has had the opposite effect on me. I feel so excited to continue this writing journey I've set out on!

I hope of course you will all continue to join me here on the sober side!

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