The Zoom Boom

In 2019, if you aren't using Zoom, what are you even doing? Before you find yourself scratching your head in confusion, learn what is quickly setting Zoom above any video chat app out there!

OK, video chat might be a loose term because it's intended for business conference calls. It's great for business and that's not even why I dig it so much!

Here's why;

  • the mute button
  • you can see everyone
  • text chat during the video chat

It may sound simple, but hear me out...

Video streaming

Honestly, it's the coolest thing to video chat with thirteen people and be able to see them all. For entrepreneurs who have many people on their team, this is about as ideal as it gets!

However, it's not just great for business owners, it's great for touching base with any of your coworkers. In the event you need to cover some ground rules or extend a deadline, you can simply hold a Zoom meeting and make the announcement!

Not only that, but you can then upload the video of the chat, to YouTube for future reference or if anyone missed the meeting.

You don't have to talk

You can mute yourself the entire time! It's the best feature ever for people who, like me, are extremely nervous and awkward on video chats.

Just set your phone on the table, and listen to it like a YouTube video you are playing, or you can even drive and listen. No one has to hear your end of the conversation until you want or on certain calls you choose.

You can text chat during the call

Remember the old days of chatroom, where everyone types and a few general people steer the conversation? It's kinda like that. You listen to the person holding the video chat, and you can reply to the chat in the text box.

It's pretty awesome for those of us who feel really out of our element when in a meeting, let alone a conference call, video chat meeting.

Those are just my top three reason to love Zoom! If you haven't gotten it already, don't wait! Zoom is quickly climbing to the top of the app world, and you surely don't want to miss the action.

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