Coloring to Clear the Mind

When we are kids, our parents hand us crayons and paper even before we can speak full sentences. Coloring is a foundation to creativity. Therefore it becomes natural to see kids color at home, and on those paper menus at the restaurant table. Would kindergarden even be the same without Crayola? Why do we have to stop when we hit a certain age? -and when is that age exaclty?

Until the phrase 'adult coloring' was really common, perhaps even before it was actually coined, my mom and I gathered around any complex coloring books we could find. I used to think I was holding my own weight until some hashtags on Instagram showed me otherwise. There are some really talented people already sharing their work! It's so encouraging to see!!

Although, in previous posts, I've touched on my favorite creative outlets, I might have failed to say how much I really love this one.

Why do we have to stop?

I'm not sure what age people become 'too old to color' but when I was growing up, coloring was for babies. You didn't want to report back from the weekend on Monday morning with stories about color blending. At least I didn't.

So, even though I did spend plenty of hours coloring intricate pages, bantering back and forth with mom all the while, I didn't talk about it. I don't regret a second of it, especially now that my mom is gone.

Those were some of the most relaxing and fun times for us! We'd end up talking about big things in life, little things, we'd laugh until our cheeks hurt, shushing each other through broken giggles so not to wake dad. These memories are so bittersweet right now.

I surly didn't brag about it

At any rate, I was more afraid of being shamed for coloring because of my own lack of confidence. It's hard to produce good work when you constantly second guess yourself. Even harder to put your work out for the world to see when you don't feel good about it.

Oh, how times have changed!

I'm no longer scared of who I am and what makes me happy! Don't be surprised if you start seeing more posts featuring pictures I've drawn and colored or just colored from a book. I have too much creativity to bottle up inside.

Do you think Van Gough thought his work was beautiful enough to make him a renowned artist for generations to come? I honestly don't think he looked at his work and thought, "One day this will be in a museum and people will speak my name in classrooms around the world!" I'm sorry, I just don't see it.

So I encourage you, too, to share your passions with the world!

You have nothing to really lose, and everything to gain by exploring your talent on the sober side!

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