The Pegan Diet: Do’s and Dont’s

With all these new trends coming out, sobriety included, no doubt you will soon hear about the pegan diet if you haven't already. So, first things first! What is the pegan diet? Are diets one size fits all? How do you know which diet is right for your body? I'll not only tell you what this diet is, but provide vital information that will have you looking like an expert on the subject in just a few short minutes.

What is the pegan diet all about?

According to the Daily Burn, the pegan diet is a 'paleo-vegan hybrid'. This plan, if followed correctly, has the potential to lower cholesterol but that's not really what it was intended for. Most people who eat a strictly vegan diet find it difficult to intake an adequate amount of protein. Likewise, paleo eaters struggle to intake enough fiber. The latter of the two can leave your colon extremely vulnerable to sepsis.

In this diet, the suggested meal intake is 75% fruits, and 25% animal protein. I know to vegans this sounds terrible, which is why doctor Mark Hyman, who introduced the diet, prefers to call this a modified paleo diet.

+Fish, chicken, grass-fed beef
+Lentils - Legumes
+Whole grains, GF, and quinoa
+High quality fats
+Plant based foods-Soy

Your plate should be anywhere from 2/3 to 3/4 full of fruits and veggies, and 1/3-1/4 should be high protein animal meats. Fish are the highest in protein, if i remember correctly. Chicken and eggs are also a great protein source. Avoid grain fed meats. Focus on foods that are rich in Omega-3

Now that you know the basics, how do you know if this diet is right for you?

Are diets 'one size fit's all'?

Well the good news, and sometimes the bad news, is that diets are not one size fit's all. In fact, because of my own dietary restrictions, I recommend you speak to your physician and perhaps more importantly a nutritionist before you make any major dietary change.

The doctor will tell you if the diet goes against any current restrictions, but a nutritionist will help you find and assess the diet tailored to your body. Some people function on high carb diets, it's how their genetic makeup functions, and it's, for this reason, I suggest a nutritionist. They can tell you what's right for your specific genetic compound.

While this is a very healthy diet and in all actuality, probably closer to what we should be eating on a regular basis, it's probably not the most ideal diet for losing weight rapidly. It has a lot of restrictiveness most diets don't have, even though it offers some amazing benefits other diets don't.

Really, you should aim to eat an array of colorful fruits and veggies. You shouldn't over indulge in 72 oz steak every meal, and intake less processed foods. This isn't so much as a diet plan, and a lifestyle guide.

Aim to eat like this daily, and you won't need to shame yourself for that one cupcake you've had in two years, or build an entire cheat day into your 'diet plan'. No matter what diet you choose, I'm glad we're all together on the sober side.

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