Tarot- Decks, Readings, Sobriety

If you spend any amount of time browsing though Instagram, you will notice a few people are starting to do daily readings. More often than not, this is a direct reference to tarot. I myself got my first tarot deck at sixteen and the sudden rise of attention brings a smile to my face. This is an old book for me in many ways.

tarot Decks

I got the handbook that accompanied the typical major and minor arcana cards and studied until my stiff reference book felt more like a loose-leaf binder. A year later I bought my second deck. Almost everyone I've talked to that reads tarot finds a deck they feel connected to and that's their deck of choice. Much like finding a wand on Diagon Alley, you want something that works for, with, and through you.

It won't feel like a magical spark when you hold them, in fact, you might not know until a few readings in. You will notice though, that readings make a lot more sense. It will begin to feel like the cards are speaking to you.


Once you have a deck to start with, you can worry about the perfect through down the road. Any deck will help you learn simple layouts and readings. Once you practice a few times and get a feel for everything, you will get a feel for how you want your routine to function. There is no wrong answer here, it just depends on what feels right to you.

For quick readings, I do a simple three card pull. Before the pull itself, you must clear your mind of everything but the question at hand. You know, that question that won't stop nagging you; if only you could make heads or tails of the entire situation things would clear up, right? That is the issue you need solving and that is the only thing to keep in mind.

Cut the deck as you do this, imaging the question moving between each card like smoke.

When you are fairly certain every card has at least skimmed some smoke during the cut process, draw three. One for the past. The next for the present. The last for the future.

Keep in mind reversed cards have different connotations.

Most of the layouts I've seen are an in depth version of the simplistic past, present, and future one I describe above. Go as in depth or as broad as you would like -especially when it comes to sobriety!


Yeah, you knew I would have to circle back to this at some point but it's really not so difficult. Tarot wasn't invented in the last decade, or in your mother's lifetime. Believe it or not, tarot was around before Columbus set sail! People have been using these card to make sense of their past present and future for generations. Don't feel bad that you are new to the party!

Like meditating, tarot can be an integral daily tool that keeps you focused and grounded. Even on days when you just feel funky, a good reading will clear you right up!

Yes, I know this isn't a tarot deck don't @ me. Blame WordPress stock photos

As it turns out, I'm looking for a new deck. I've exuded a lot of energy into these ones....a lot of that was drunk energy and I feel disinclined to use them anymore. If anyone has some dope decks they can shoot me some info for I would be forever grateful!

Sending you all the best vibes from here on the sober side!

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