Life Expectancy Going Down

Remember when you were kids, and you found out that people didn't always live to be 50 years old? The moment when you found out that the average life expectancy had grown over time, advancements in technology, and medicine. Do you remember that realization, or is it just me? What if our life expectancy doesn't keep increasing? Or worse, could it actually decrease?

I remember finding out that at one point the average life expectancy for a man was about 30 years old, and the most common cause of death was teeth rot (or something that no one dies from anymore). I'm being somewhat facetious, but I do remember marveling at that fact. I thought about how much living you would have to do before that time, in order to have a fulfilled life. No wonder women who didn't marry by 18 were considered lost hopes; you were already past your midlife crisis in those days! Time's a wasting!

Really, this is a more serious topic than I'm letting on though. Not only because as a species, we have almost peaked at our maximum life expectancy, but because it's actually going down!

Yes, you read that right!

Life expectancy, at least in the US, has started going down. I would like to say drastically, but that's a judgment call I'm not informed enough to make. What I do know, is that this decrease directly stems from the opioid epidemic.

Most blogs I write try to have some kind of insights and tips about sober life, but this isn't one of those blogs.

I have no tips or 'hacks' to make this part easy, and no witty slogan to tag along in the hopes you get the point.

The point is this; 70,000 people last year died prematurely from preventable overdoses.

Why have we as a society decided that this is a justifiable expenditure of human life?

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