How ’bout them…Diamonbacks?

Arizona Diamondbacks have already risen to the second place spot of the National League West (NL West) with a win-loss record of 16-13 for the start of the season. With a start like that it's hard for us Arizona natives to predict the rest of the season, but that doesn't deminish our enthusiasm. I told you I was getting into baseball, let the fun begin!

Game One

After a 3-1 lead over the Yankees on Tuesday, Arizona Diamondbacks come out looking like a strong opponent. Zack Greinke continues to prove himself as a powerhouse pitcher, winning his fifth straight game. Simultaneously, Greinke celebrated his 18th scoreless inning! Not to be outdone, New York pulled out a few stops of their own.

CC Sabathia reached a new record of 3,000 strikeouts in his career; an accomplishment only met by 16 other Major League Baseball players. Though regrettably against his former teammate, John Ryan Murphy, Sabathia and the rest of the Yankees celebrated with cheers and hugs on the field. Reportedly, CC did not want his fellow team member to be the recipient of his strikeout success, however, Murphy took it in stride.

"It just speaks to the pitcher he is," the now Arizona Diamondback catcher added as he jokingly asked if Sabathia wanted an autographed ball. Murphy played for New York a total of three seasons, catching numerous pitches for CC, including number 2,500 of the 3,000.

Game Two

The second game of the series proved slightly less eventful as far as milestones go, although the Arizona Diamonbacks did walk away with their second win.

Sweeping the Yankees for the two-game series was especially entertaining when opposing coach Aaron Boone was ejected from the game. During a face-off with the Texas Rangers in March, Boone was ejected for his first time this season. Interactions like these are spurring the leauge to consider automated pitch calling, which I can go into in a seperate blog if you'd like (drop a comment if so).

As they head to Coors Field to face the Rockies, Dbacks look like a formidable opponent to beat.

I'll be cheering them on from Arizona, and also from the sober side.

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