Beyond Meat Day?

If you haven't noticed the all the buzz about Beyond Meat today, I'll fill you in!

We've reached a time in the world where vegans very passionately feel we need better alternatives to traditional protein than we meat eaters like to think. Introducing new plant based burgers, sausages and crumbles, Beyond Meat is attacking many issues head on!

Our planet is in dire need of change, and though we breed animals specifically for meat, that doesn't necessarily make it right or moral. We don't breed and harvest humans so it seems pretty cruel to do it to cows and chickens because we are at the top of the food chain.

The statistics they break down on their site make it difficult to argue that animal based protein is genuinely good for you.

Beyond Meat is so confident that they can make plant-based protein flavorful and delicious, they are offering the options at local fast food chains today; from my understanding free of charge! In their, Go Beyond challenge today, does just that: challenges you to change how you think about plant-based protein!

What have you got to lose? I live in the middle of BFE so I can't, but I'd love to hear your feedback! I NEED PROTEIN

If you plan on eating out today be sure you stop by Carls Jr., Del Taco, Veggie Grill, or your local Bareburger to try some for yourself!

As always thanks for joining along on the sober side!


    1. Thank you! Have you tried the products? I’m still oddly curious about Del Taco’s Beyond Meat option lol

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