Add Dayton To The List

Less than 24 hours after the shooting in El Paso, gunshots echo through another American city. At approximately 1:00 am this morning, yet another lone gunman opened fire in the popular Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio.

The music, laughter, and banter that typically fills this cultural hub, and oldest district of Dayton has gone silent this morning. In it's place, police battle with confusion and the devastation of another active shooter situation.

The good news here, the police took less than a minute to neutralize the shooter, who is now dead. Unlike the El Paso shooter.

Why not turn the gun on themselves first?

This is often a question people find themselves asking after massacres such as the two we've endured in the last day. Everyone want's to know why these people aim to take out as many people as possible before they are stopped; by hook or by crook.

Patrick Crusius, a twenty-one year old angry white man drove 650 miles specifically to "kill latinos". The motive right there tells me, Crusius sees nothing wrong with his actions. For someone to have such little remorse for their crime, the forethought to drive 650 miles to carry out the crime, and not turn the gun on himself says one thing. Crusius is a narcissist. He can't imagine the world going on without him, because his whole world revolves around himself.

It also tells me, Crusius aims to gain some notoriety points, either in prison or with like-minded people in general. However, it clearly also says that Crusius is a deranged individual; just one of many being fed by the hateful rhetoric spewing from the White House.

Where does this hate come from?

Well, as I mentioned, the current administration does little to quell racism, bigotry, hate or general intolerance for people who are different. When the president stands on his podium and uses it to single out specific Americans with dark skin, then mass shootings toward those individuals ramp up. Look at the correlation, it's surprisingly staggering.

Although, the current president and his three years in office have only fanned the hate flames, they didn't ignite the spark. These people are very often, social outcasts at some point in their lives. They feel invisible and forgotten.

Instead of dealing with these emotions in any of the numerous healthy ways to do so, they seethe with anger and resentment.

Until one day it becomes too much, and they carry 24 automatic weapons into a glitzy Las Vegas casino to shoot up a concert.

Rather than anyone reaching out when they see red flags, they sit back and watch the news as entire classrooms children are blown away.

Now we want to blame the teachers? We want to blame the unarmed security guards?

When do we really put the blame where it should be?

At some point it's as much a statement about our society as a whole, as it is about the shooter's mental health. We need to really start demanding better from ourselves to not treat people with such disregard, that they feel they can go massacre throngs of people.

This country, and the people in it, are broken; but we are not singular in this fight. We need to remember that.


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