My Journey to Sobriety

My sobriety journey began April 2017 in the form of cirrhosis. The rollercoaster ride that lay in front of me was unforeseeable.

By all accounts, childhood was normal, loving, secure and stable, as it should be. Albeit outside of one of the biggest natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon.

Both parents raised me in a loving home. Never having wanted for anything, and aside from normal teasing that children do, had an uneventful upbringing.

It surprised a lot of people when I turned to alcohol and plummeted into it head first down that rabbit hole of despair.

Although, it's hard to pick a starting point that pivoted me into my alcoholic spiral.

Most people will tell you it's when I had my first sip of rum at the age of 14. Although others might argue that it was after some severe sexual abuse from people who were supposed to be my friends. Even still, people will tell you it's when my (once fiance) took his own life.

It doesn't really matter WHEN my drinking got out of hand, because it all caught up with me in the spring of 2017 when the diagnosis came. The result, end-stage cirrhosis (liver failure.)

Most of my focus is to help people achieve and maintain healthy and long-term sobriety. Part of doing that is creating and implementing new and healthy habits. Soon, you begin seeing the glamorization of alcohol for all it really is.

Recover Urself is a blog to help anyone who felt or feels like the good things in life stop being amazing when we take away alcohol, and this is to help you realize that they are spectacular even in long-term sobriety.


  1. There is so much more Life in Living sober new horizons beyond your wildest drunken dreams !

    1. Good grief, not “love you?” But LOVE YOU! Stupid fingers
      Very well done. Apologies for the silly comment 😜

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