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Dry January: What’s The Hype?

In the UK, 20 people daily die as a result of their own drinking, and the total amount of lives affected is innumerable. As a result, Dry January has become a widely accepted ‘challenge’ -for lack of a better term. Although, the public campaign isn’t entirely about abstaining from alcohol

Prohibition: Were They Onto Something?

We all know about the term Prohibition and the government’s attempt to legalize the sale and production of alcohol. I’ve contemplated the success of this quite often throughout my recovery journey, so I decided to do some research. Now, I’m not advocating we start prohibiting the sale of alcohol entirely, because that would be the

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Let The Fear Of Change Work In Your Favor

…Think about how many people had to eat oleander and die from it before people were like, “oh yeah, maybe we shouldn’t eat those ones, or pick them really lets just leave those alone.”

Keep in mind, the technology at our fingertips now is but a “.” on the very last page of human history.
Being afraid of new things is…