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7 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written About Addiction

click song titles for downloads, and band names for more background info on the lyrics =} Chances are you’ve heard, Rehab by Amy Winehouse, Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park, Sober by Pink, or Wasted by Carrie Underwood, on the radio at some point. While these are very obviously titled recovery songs, there are some

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Take The Next Step -Even If You Don’t See It

You don’t always have to see the next step to know that it’s there -sometimes all you need is some faith that the staircase is complete. If you read last month’s blogs, you know I’m not necessarily talking about 12 steps -but if the shoe fits, lace it up! As usual, it’s typically easier said

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2018 Recovery Fest

Perhaps you missed it because quite frankly, I did, but Seattle based rapper Mackelmore most certainly did not as he headlined for the first ever Recovery Fest, September 29, 2018. Last week in Rhode Island, while the rest of us were still jaw-dropping at the arrival of pumpkin spice, Above the Noise (a non-profit that

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